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Now in South Africa!
Surprised to be in her new home in Izmir!
Greetings from Istanbul!
One of the sisters in Istanbul...
Hello from Meripoint's Home!
Now lives in Istanbul, Turkey!
Now in Trabzon, Turkey!
Hello from Trabzon, Turkey!
Photo of the bird photos! =)
Living in Moscow with a cat named Miso who loves her!
Birdy in toy drawer!
now in Moscow
Now in Izmir with the new robot friends
Nily's birdy Friend in Petey's home
Petey with his new friend!
Living in a candy dish! Fun!
Living with Ibeking in Istanbul!
A necklace for Kelly Rae Roberts' art! Fun!
Now in a very creative studio!!! Lucky!
New home :: Candy Dish! =)
Living in a beautiful home in CA!
Now in Izmir, Turkey!
Living in Istanbul!
Greetings from Istanbul!
Living in Istanbul with a sweet friend!
Hello from Istanbul, Turkey!
Greetings from Switzerland!
Living in Lausanne, Switzerland now! Cool!
Living with a creative girl with the black hair!
Yes, she treats me nice!!! :)
I look good on you pretty lady!
I live in a beautiful home!
Living with a beautiful lady...
Queen bird...
Oh! So lovely!
Sisters a lovely place...
Hanging on the bag!
Chic... Together with a tag...
Birds hanging together...
Petey & wifey hanging together! :-)
a little blury is fun!
Yes, I have a nice view from here!
Living in a fun corner of a beautiful studio!
Living in Orange County now...
Framed DL card!
Arrived in her new home safely in Turkey!
Oh! La! La! Paris Bird!
Kavacik, Istanbul...
In Kavacik...